The Story of The Band Fuzzbubble & Pres. Kevin Kelly's Drum/Production Days

BackJun 24, 2020

Often a footnote of Bigbuzz's genesis, is the story of founder Kevin Kelly's former life as a touring drummer and record producer. 

After graduating Berklee with his soon to be wife Stacy, they formed a band Sacked-Out Sherry, but it was Kevin's later more notable time with Fuzzbubble that tilts heads. The story goes a few different ways, but the newly spawned "Podcast From Mars", from original singer & guitarist Jimmy Bacchi and Mark DiCarlo along with ultimate long term drummer, Jason Camiolo, lays it out in a nice tidy package.

Listen in and get a glimpse at some of the (nearly) rock-star days of Bigbuzz Prez, Kevin Kelly. 

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