The consumer journey for a smart home product is long, and it requires education and thoughtful marketing touchpoints. We helped Resideo launch their smart home security and smart thermostat products.

Our approach was mostly digital, and we started by identifying the target audience and subsegments using first- and third-party research. From there, we aggressively deployed a mix of SEM, programmatic, remarketing, native and influencer advertising.

Our campaign led to traffic, product awareness, leads, and conversions tracked throughout the consumer journey. Over 51% of individuals who arrived to the site initially through advertising placements clicked to buy a product either directly or through a retailer.

Their Smart Home Security product line was promoted with the simple proposition: "Because". We focused on explaining the need for smart home security's capabilities with practical application instead of technical education. As most of the audience has high household income, owns homes, has children, and travels often, we focused on the daily use cases of the product in these individuals' lives.

We used a variety of media outlets and tactics to reach each subsegment effectively, including CNET and NYTimes. We used influencers to further the story for the target subsegments, showing the product's benefits in use.

For both product launches, we made a series of videos for promotional purposes, including ones shown at Resideo’s booth at CES.


We made dedicated landing pages for Resideo’s website and created and implemented rich media page content for Amazon A+ and Best Buy product pages.

To ensure maximum quality of photography, we did a full product and lifestyle photo shoot for the smart thermostat launch to create assets that we used throughout all placements.

In order to ensure maximum effectiveness, we rigorously managed all campaigns daily, making changes based on real-time results. We worked seamlessly with a live dashboard to view, analyze and adjust all results across media buys with vendors and the client. We created customized weekly, monthly and cumulative reports in order to fully understand the results of the campaigns and create benchmarks for success for future campaigns.

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